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Hello I’m Andrew

I’ve seen so many retired people get such a buzz out of the simple things that I can show you. I can take you through some common computer tasks like email or writing a letter. There are lots of absolutely free software you can use for example  to display and enjoy your old  photographs.

Get in touch with friends that moved away. The Internet brings the whole world to you, shrinks distance to nothing.


Make FREE phone calls across the world with SKYPE

Have a look at places anywhere on the globe

Plan your next holiday with google maps

Research something that interests you. ( On a planet of many billions there MUST be someone else with the same interests ) so form a group, join in, spread the word.

My own Dad was part of a generation that never had computers, they just appeared when he retired. I think his pride got in the way, he never had one, but I saw his eyes light up when I showed him things from his past, on the computer.

Its also great brain exercise, you know what they say ” Use it or Lose it ” so don’t delay, get in touch

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