Help for the Computer Terrified

Working Online at home

In these uncertain times, when no job is safe. the cost of living is rising and the government is imposing its policy of frug . It makes sense to earn a little extra.

I make a full time living working from home. My websites generate enough business to keep me fully occupied. Until recently I ran a shop, in a local town. Now I have a lot less worries. Imagine you had a new online business ….

  • That required no stock
  • Didn’t need you to turn up 9 to 5 every day
  • Didn’t need to pay any staff wages
  • No worries about goods being stolen
  • No customers complaints to deal with
  • No shop premises to keep up, insure, light, heat and protect
  • Very simple bookkeeping to do
  • I can carry out my business ANYWHERE , even when on holiday
  • that earned money 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year ! Even when I’m asleep

So whether you want to earn a little extra , or go full time, I’ll show you how


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