The 5 best proven ways of internet marketing

There are more ways to make money online, than you can shake a stick at !

The thing to do is to make a plan and stick to it.

How Big Are the Opportunities Online

You can  buy and sell goods, be an affiliate for someone elses products or even source goods from China and sell on your ecommerce site, or Amazon. The number of ways to make money is rising with the size of the internet itself. In 2015 most sources quote 3.2 billion people now have some internet connection, staggering! That’s half the population of the world. How would your business be with over 3 billion customers?

I wrote this article to give you a few pointers, but it doesn’t really matter how you start, as long as you do start.  The following, in no particular order are the 5 best methods i’ve found to be successful and reasonably easy to understand and implement.

5 Methods to Consider

  1. Compare goods on your website, give your advice about which is best and promote it
  2. Use an Affiliate Network to find an info product, buy it, read it, critique it and promote it.
  3. Use your own specialist knowledge, write your own info product and sell it.
  4. Use Offervault to find advertisers CPA offers , promote them, get paid per lead
  5. Promote Web Tools or WordPress  plugins , either your own or other peoples  

All these really require building some sort of website, so if you are a total beginner this is a bit of a stiff learning curve. Over the last few years though, building the website is not the huge hurdle it once was. With the free “WordPress” software, on which half the web seems to be built, a site can be ready to go within 5 minutes….. no I’m not  joking !   You can be putting up your first website in just five minutes time, filling it with your products your advice and your adverts.

Be Found in the Search Engines

If you’ve already had a go, made a website, made a few sales, then you know just how good it feels to succeed. Even if you’re not making a full time living at it, you’re half way there. The problem can be that there is too much conflicting information out there and you just don’t know which is the best way to go.


A couple of years ago, getting your website to be ranked, in other words when you type in ” best car polish” you need your Car Polish website to come up right at the top of the Google search results, was indeed a tricky and time consuming procedure. It took months to rank even on page 2 or 3 and taking a lot of effort to do so. Now though, after many changes to its algorithms, Google is nearer to its stated goal, of “providing the MOST relevant answer to search questions”. Google is weeding out all the scammers and ‘thin’ sites with hardly any information on them. The best advice is to write for your prospects, your customers , write full and detailed answers to their questions  and you’ll be rewarded with a good rank. The higher you appear in the Google ( Bing ,Yahoo and others too of course but Google is the 900 pound gorilla in the Search Engine World ) searches, the more prospective customers you will see , visiting your site and potentially buying your goods.

Use Paid Ads to Get Seen on Googles Results

Of course there is always paid traffic. All the big marketers use adverts. Google or Facebook ads will get you a ton of visitors, or will it just drain your wallet giving poor returns or even none at all. Advertising is not always simple. Google ads are shown via an auction system, the price paid for the click is determined by bids, from advertisers. The price is going to be largely determined by the niche, Credit Cards and Insurance Ads are VERY expensive, so it would be difficult to compete with the big players, whereas “Farmer Fred’s Excellent Cheese”, might have clicks for pennies.

Get Some Training


As with most things, having a mentor, will speed things up enormously, but which one?  There are so many and some quite frankly give rubbish help and charge a lot for it. After a few years in this area, you soon acquire Gigabytes of courses, downloads, books, ebooks, some good, some bad. When I was learning the business, Jeff Johnson was a big help, with his free WordPress plug in and his free advice videos on YouTube ranking. You Tube is huge , if you offer any sort of a service on your website, You tube is the best way to be seen and to carry your message.

Sean Mize too, gave an enormous amount of help, in his series of audio pod casts. He has I think a very unique and approach, maybe not to everyone’s taste and certainly hard work preparing so many articles, but he gets great results, proving that to get the best results you should aim to become the “go to guy” in your niche. After all if you wanted to become a great cook you might follow Jamie Oliver, a great footballer you would look at videos from Man Utd players, a great scientist you would read Einstein, or Laithwaite ….. and so on. Marisa Murgatroyd is another big believer in the ‘Maven’ or Expert  model and gets good results. I give more help in choosing a mentor here 

Beware of Huge Claims.

On YouTube for example many of the videos will have very unrealistic claims like Anik Singal’s “How I made $2.3 Million in Pure Profit in 2020….” which is pure clickbait designed to get as many eyes on his videos as possible , Anik is a prolific course maker, but unfortunately uses frankly HUGE claims in his video titles like the above one and “How I made an extra $34000 in 15 seconds of Work….”  I am sure Anik has some pretty good stuff in his courses, he has been around a long time, but for newbies, looking at this world for the first time, you have to bear in mind “would I buy a course from him, given these massive claims?