Put Google Adsense On Your Site

Adsense Ads

Sometimes the blog subject may be a difficult one to find affiliate products for. So how can you get some recompense for the hours of work you have put into those posts and pages online?

Any blog interesting enough to attract visitors in numbers, can be monetised with Ads .  There are many such services which provide ads placements. Their customers are businesses wishing to advertise their goods and services on relevant  websites, where visitors will see them and click through.

With an interesting site, you can approach Google Adsense, to place ads on your webpages.

How does Adsense Work

Google facilitates the ad placement, negotiating via an auction system where the highest bid from an advertiser wins the auction and their ad is put forward. Google charges 32% of the  bid as a fee and the rest -68% goes to you, for hosting the ad. So it is a fair and totally automatic process, you don’t have to charge anyone directly for ad-space which for a small site  would be very time consuming.

How do you Apply for Adsense

Application is simple, just fill in your site  details on Googles Adsense page

Their  team will review your site for compliance. 

You should ensure the site complies with their terms of service, which is mainly common sense – no pornography, nudity, violence, gambling, Hate speech,   shocking content , Malware or Adware , illegal  downloads, drugs , alcohol …… etc 

You will prove ownership of the site , usually by uploading a file to the site.

Update your Privacy Policies

  • Your Policy should include the fact that third party advertisers are serving ads which are enabled by cookies created when you visit other websites
  • A way to opt out of these ads
  • A link to the 3rd party vendors and ad servers websites
  • or by opting out of the use of cookies as  shown on www.aboutads.info

Lastly google will post out ( yes snail-mail ) a PIN code to verify your actual address.  You will enter that PIN on the adsense page created for you, no payments will be  issued before verification of the address. 

The Google ads team also review for content:

A “thin content” site will be reviewed poorly, your site should be giving VALUE to the readers, although no one minds affiliate links here and there, if that is all there is, then don’t expect a good review, after all  what advertiser would be interested on placing ads on a totally ad based site?

This is  where the CPC ( cost per click) metric becomes important. If  you can find  topics with high  cpc  values, your advertising revenue via Adsense, will be much higher. 

How to find the best keyword terms to maximise Ad revenue

If possible, when you plan your list of blog articles to write, consider the ‘value’ of the ad click……

This is  where the CPC ( cost per click) metric becomes important. If  you can find  topics with high  cpc  values, your advertising revenue via Adsense, will tend to be higher.  Although the relationship between adsense income and cpc is complex, involving a quality score, CTR click thru rate, the CPC does directly affect the  outcome. 

First I tried out several free keyword tools to get the data I wanted, which was: 

 1. Number  of searches per month in Google

2. Cost per Click

3. Competition 

Wordstream seemed the best option and I entered my search term “How  to get my Website ranking in Google” Wordstream responded with 25 keywords.  They send it by email ( which is a crafty way to get your email !! ) and it is in csv format, so using Google sheets or Excel…

First – remove those with low number of searches/month

Next – remove those with high  competition

Now I want to reorder the data table, based on its CPC.  When I tried  this, it didn’t work,  behind the scenes the Dollar  amount is  held as character data – so to reorder it I needed it to be Numerical data, so I had to remove the dollar sign 

If your excel version is old and gives problems when changing data-types , (normally you can just click on the column and change the data type), you can use  the formula method – make a new column based on the dollar  column , enter this formula in the new column and replace B2 with the dollar column ID.

= RIGHT(B2,LEN(B2)-1)

You should now  have a column with just numbers.  Now reorder the table based on the numbers column. 

Keyword PhraseSearches/monthCompetitionCostPerClickCPC (number)
how to get my website to the top of google90Medium$23.0723.07
how to get my website on google first page20Medium$22.0722.07
how to get on google search first page10Medium$21.2521.25
how to show your website on top of google search10Medium$20.2520.25
how to get your website higher on google90Medium$18.4118.41
how to get my site higher on google10Low$17.7917.79
how to get website on first page of google140Medium$17.3517.35
how to get your website to rank higher on google10Low$17.2417.24
how to get google ranking for my website10Medium$17.1517.15
how to get my website higher on google30Medium$14.7814.78
how do i get my website to rank higher on google10Medium$14.1914.19
how to get your website on the first page of google50Medium$13.813.8
how to get on 1st page of google10Medium$13.4213.42
how to get your site at the top of google search10Medium$12.6912.69
how is my site ranking on google10Medium$8.008
how to find my website google ranking10Low$6.416.41
how to rank on the first page of google10Medium$5.455.45
how to find google ranking of a website10Medium$3.053.05
how to rank my website top in google10Medium$2.732.73
how to get your website to the top30Medium$2.312.31
how to rank my site first on google10Low$2.142.14
how to rank your website for keywords10Medium$2.072.07
how to rank a new website on google10Medium$1.681.68

So, with a slight change in the keyword focus on your blog page,  you can expect each click to be more valuable and the adsense income to be higher next month.

Don’t forget to fully get up to speed with the latest SEO for Googles algorithm. Details of changes are published on Googles developer pages. 

Add your  own banners to the sidebar, as internal links ( reference your own more detailed pages on a topic )  and external links ( to authority sites ), both of these are needed for SEO purposes.