Marketing Tools Free, Freemium and Paid

Google Keyword Tool

Free. Just signup for an ad account and you have access to Keyword planner


Free ( Paid Version available ) Neil Patels site for research. Sign up for free account, enough daily searches for most purposes


This is a PAID tool, comprehensive statistics , probably having the biggest database , so the most useful of all kw tools. Referred to by many YouTubers and bloggers as reference for statistics. Its “ranking difficulty” figure is very useful for beginners.  Quite expensive but there is a limited free tool available

Keyword Sheeter

No stats, just hundreds of related keywords, which you can then enter in Google kw planner or Ubersuggest.  The results are pulled from Google autosuggest – the list that appears as you type a query into Google


Paid Tool at a reasonable price

Keyword Finder

Paid Tool at a reasonable price

Answer the Public

A weird site ! But very useful, hundreds of title suggestions for posts . .Limited number of searches per day


Free Bing and Google database Tool shows volume CPC and competition

Keyword Surfer

Free Chrome Browser extension, shows volume and similarity to seed keyword, can export 20 kw  to csv 


Searches Reddit for related sub-reddits, useful starting point if you’re not an expert