How to do Affiliate Marketing With Powerhouse Affiliates Community

What is PowerHouse Affiliates?

Powerhouse Affiliates is the marketing community created by Joey Babineau a Canadian long experienced marketer.

If you join this monthly membership “club” his aim is to guide you through to become a skilled CPA marketer. 

The path to this goal is through various modules of his course, building a website and using free traffic, then cheap traffic methods, finally to paid traffic ( ads ) . 

With paid Ads for Affiliate and CPA marketing, there is always the risk that an inexperienced Affiliate will be unable to optimise a campaign and simply run out of Ad money.

Joey and the Team first take you through a series of lessons in Basic Affiliate marketing.  Some of which have certification. Whether this is important to you probably depends if you intend to work in the industry or just on your own. Although It does I think, add a level of confidence to any beginner.

Training and Starting Marketing

Joeys advice and first strategy is a free traffic one, building a website and monetising with free traffic. This can be done but in the world of CPA there are few Quick, free solutions.

Google Search traffic can take one or two years of work to start a decent stream of income.

Facebook free traffic is used, as there is a risk for all beginners of sinking a lot of money into unprofitable ad campaigns without a certain level of experience.

PowerHouse Affiliates Courses are good well rounded and thorough. By the time you’ve worked your way through them, you should have enough knowledge to make a great start in the affiliate world.

Beyond that initial free traffic, Joey guides you through traffic from Solo Ads. Lastly Native ads provide the current main thrust of their affiliate and Cpa marketing

PowerHouse Affiliates Value:

The real value of a monthly membership of a ‘club’ like PowerHouse aff is in the availability of real help from Joey and the expert team. FAST.  People who do Affiliate Marketing day in day out. And to some extent with the forum, some experienced marketers will join in and give help too.

Members do get access to Joeys own Affiliate Network, Vault Media, so you can be confident of being guided towards profitable campaigns and help along the way. Also confident it will pay out…. not all networks are quite as upfront and honest!

Included in your membership is a top-notch landing page builder. Designed to be perfect for CPA and Affiliate campaigns.

Don’t forget that on top of the membership fee, an affiliate will need tools and web-hosting with one or more domains. So in total, your outlays will be:

Membership $47/mon
Hosting $10/month use Powerhouse (free)  or your own Hosting
Domains say 2 @ $10
Autoresponder $20/month is average although some like Mailchimp are free up to 1000 subs

Tracking Software $10.month some free to begin.
Ad capital – you’re going to need at least $500 to $1000 to start an effective campaign

Once the training is complete and you have a certain level of confidence, you will be ready to start paid ad campaigns and scale-up, using high traffic sources gaining experience, and where the sky is the limit.

Members can also participate in the Powerhouse Affiliates own affiliate program, which pays 50% on direct referrals.


I think Joey is the key player, he is very involved with the members, he is successful and can teach you a lot.

So the value long-term for Powerhouse affiliates is that contact with a true expert. There are very few great training ‘clubs’ with a forum and monthly membership, PHA members can learn genuine Affiliate ‘secrets.’ from such an expert as Joey for what is really quite a modest monthly membership fee. Whether you could learn the ropes as quickly and with such expertise from other sources, I doubt it.