How to Build Your Website

You need some web-space to put your website, its like real estate, purchased from a Hosting company. 

You need a Domain Name for your website, it needs REGISTRATION which has to be done through an official registrant

You can then put the 2 together

The first part, the creation of an addon domain, in your hosting, the loading up of WordPress files and setting up the Theme is easy ‘Mechanical’ work. They can be carried out from a simple checklist. 

For your first site, dont worry too much about this, most hosts do the basic stuff, prices are very similar. It is useful to have space for a second and third site, maybe a  sandbox site for trying things out and ‘auxiliary’ sites and utilities like link cloaking so my choice would be to go for shared hosting, most hosts will do a package with unlimited sites for a very reasonable price per month

Buying Your Domain does need some careful thought. Ideally you would need to have chosen the niche you intend to compete in, to choose a suitable name for your site. 

Again this is simple ‘Mechanical work’. Once you have your webname, your Registrant will hold the Dynamic Name Server settings, which need to be pointed at your new webspace purchased from your hosting provider.

The theme is what gives your site its ‘look’. 

The second part is much more detailed and difficult. Most of Googles users, 88% in fact , don’t even look at page 2 of the Google search results ( serps). So your task is to build a site and rank it in Google on the first page.

Choosing Your Domain Name

By Choosing the right Domain name – one that is at the right point of the funnel, you can ensure your site is going to be successful long term.   Example suppose I was to enter the diet and fitness niche. Choosing “Diets” would be so competitive, it would be virtually impossible to outrank big sites with big teams , big budgets….

Choosing a Domain “xyz-diet” would be ok, but would have a limited audience. What if the xyz diet became unfashionable or was overtaken by another type of diet? Your site would be dead. My first attempt, fell into this category, when I built the site , halogen ovens were at their peak, TV shopping channels were selling them like hotcakes, my site bloomed and brought in a good affiliate income, but a year down the line, Halogen Ovens were over. Dead ! Having the title Best HALOGEN cooker, I couldn’t really expand it to cover other things.

By choosing a domain name halfway between the two, like “” it wouldn’t be so hard to rank on page one and any new diets would fit in nicely under your names umbrella.  After all the intention is to attract searchers using Googles results, to pick your site from the 10 sites given in the page 1 results.

In other words, dont go so niche that your audience is too small – you will also find that you have covered all the possible subjects to talk about under that niche , very quickly. 

Dont try to go too broad, the competition for a new site is just too big. You would never rank.

Make Your Site the Go-to Authority in your Niche

This is your long-term goal.

Authority sites rock.

If you can cover all the topics in the niche, with INTERESTING articles of better QUALITY and LENGTH than your competitors, then you will have a winner, a site that will bring visitors in and so make sales.

For the main points to make an authority site see my Authority Site Page

Monitising your Site

Money is the end goal. It can be done in many ways. Selling affiliate products is one of the most profitable methods. If your niche is one without products but attracts lots of visitors, you can put Google Adsense on it. Google will display Ads relevant to the search query and visitors clicking the Ads. will earn you a good return. 

If you grow your site and have a clearly targeted audience in the US and reach 25k sessions/month you can jump up to MediaVine Ads , which pay significantly more than Google Adsense.  AdThrive is another player worth investigating, but again require you to have  at least the 25k sessions month after month. They all have managers to help you achieve better results ( well they earn more if you earn more ! ) . Results will vary from niche to niche and a lot depends on your ad target audience.