How to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Should I find a Mentor OR buy a Marketing Course?

In this article you will see the options explained and my recommendations. There are links to a few courses and platforms that I know are good value.

The Best Option - Mentoring

There is no doubt, if you can find someone who has been though  the learning process, set up successful campaigns and is a good communicator – talking to and learning from them is going to put you ahead of the game.

Ideally you should aim to find someone who is one or two levels of experience above where you are now. Going for the top ‘guru’ in your field isn’t going to be much help if you’re a newbie, as they will be referring to things you  haven’t met yet,  all the time.

Unfortunately finding such people is hard and expensive. Those that exist know how much their experience is valued and can command a very high price for their knowledge. A  One to One Mentor is going to be extremely expensive, If indeed you can persuade one to mentor you at all.  In general the price will determine how much access to the tutor you will have. At the lowest level it may be limited email access, at a reasonable rate , maybe £200 ish/month, but at the highest it may be actual meetings, which might be priced at several thousands.

Also popular are group meetings especially at the very top level where really  successful people can share and learn top techniques currently making top buck!

Next Best - Buy a Course

Fortunately there are a few really good, reasonably  priced courses and programmes around with  experienced marketers doing the teaching. I have some reviews below listing the type of course available and the type of marketing covered.

To start with, learn the basics, it will get you a long way. A lot depends on your level of “self starting”. By that I mean how self reliant you are. I’ve met many people who come to a big fullstop at the first hurdle even if it’s a trivial question. Instead of simply Googling the problem, they will email me or even ring me, so instead of it taking a  few seconds to find something out, they will wait for me to tell them the answer. I’m afraid if you are that sort of person – you aint going to make it !  You need to be resiliant, resourceful and persistent.

But when you have a site up, a niche chosen and your site is up, you then may need help. You need to make a choice here. There are many good courses to follow – the only problem is information getting out of date. Take Google for example – a few years ago their algorithm for ranking sites, took the blog title as one of the major factors, but today its relevance is much less.

Also you can find free Training Courses and Forums where you can get on-going help when you need it, of course this is the lowest level so you wouldn’t expect instant help here – it’s a case of  post a question and wait.

The Last Option

If money is tight, but you have what it takes, you can make it alone.  It usually takes far longer, may have several false starts but it is possible. There is now far more information available than there was when I started, you just have to be able to sift through it to find the gold. 

What does it take?

  1. Persistence 
  2. Self Reliance
  3. Resourcefulness

You are going to find obstacles everywhere if you have no experience , you will have to find answers and solutions and implement them yourself.

AND you are going to find “the solution” advertised everywhere. This is the famous “shiney object syndrome” that sly marketers put in your path. “Buy my course  only $19 push button success, builds a torrent of cash into your bank“…. you know the sort of thing. The trouble is they are getting better and better at persuading you to part with your cash.

So, if you are the sort of person who has Persistence, Self Reliance and are Resourceful , you can sign up for my free course which will show you the basic method I used  to build several successful money earning websites


Mentor Review Guide

The quality of the training can be varied. It will depend on your personality, drive, tolerance, Also on the cost and existing level of knowledge ( nobody wants to go through “how to install a WordPress site ” if you’ve already done it 20 times.

The best of the mentors behind the sites reviewed are ‘battle hardened’ marketers, their experience is what you need. Beware of the hyped up ‘marketers’ who have little or no experience and are just in it to sell courses to you!

In the article below is a list some of the mentoring sites, I’ve put together a review of each one detailing some key factors so you can make up your mind which way to go.

My guide will tell you what areas of IM are covered by each Programme along with any offers available

Joey Babineau Powerhouse Affiliates

Memberships : Free limited access, or paid Monthly $49/month ( 1st month $19) 

Facilities: Training Courses beginner to Expert. Build an Affiliate Business, main courses CPA, push ads – paid traffic methods. Lots of real case-studies which in my opinion is essential when trying to put together your first campaigns.

Join – join as a free member upgrade for just $19 after trying it out.

Join – Click on the Banner below to Join either as a free member or take advantage of the first month offer – just £19

John Crestani

John is a big self publicist. So get your hype filter ready !  However his course is real and will earn you a lot of money, if you stick with his plan.

Cost:  Memberships : Training Courses : $997 Hype – read everything carefully to filter out the hype. John is after all, a marketer and he pushes his own course hard. But to be fair there are a lot of  satisfied customers out there having gone through the course which is 6 weeks drip fed, and are making money using his methods.

John teaches Paid Advertising so don’t forget to allow a budget of at least 1000 dollars for Ads

Wealthy Affiliate

Well known marketers like Alen Shehovich and others are always showering praise on WA. They have been around since 2005, founders Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, started with a paid Keyword  tool site and after 15 years of development they have one of the largest Affiliate training sites and membership in the world. They have their own Keyword tool Jaxxy and their own hosting SiteRubix. See my WA review here

Mark Lings Affilorama

Marks Affilorama has been around a long time, there  are many useful tools on the site, training courses both free and paid, a Forum which I have used many times and webinars both live and recorded.

Anik Singal

Email Marketing

Anik is a serial course author, his “inboxing” product a couple of years ago was phenominally successful. Anik concentrates on email marketing which is applicable to most Affiliate sites,  CPA sites, Review sites…. etc. He is the founder of Lurn co. education . 

Colin Dijs

High end CPA/Affiliate training with Paid Ads as the central method. Colin has his own  Marketing Agency , a Forum ,  Dijs University for top  training. A relative newcomer to the training scene Colin has a  lot of free videos plus in depth paid training.  Although probably not for complete beginners, Colins course goes very deep into the subject , campaigns are reviewed in detail – which is exactly what you need when building your own.