Making an Authority Site

when you ‘Google’ for some information, which sites do you pick to read?

  • Probably the one that looks like its an AUTHORITY site.  
  • The article will be laid out properly so you can either read it all , or skim to the interesting bits easily.
  • It will cover all aspects of the subject , thoroughly
  • It will be well written, good grammar and spelling checked
  • There will be diagrams, pictures and videos to back up the info
  • There will probably be references, to back up the facts
  • It will rank highly in Googles Index occupying one of the top spots on PAGE ONE

The Fold

A term dating back to newspapers, but still very relevant today

The Headline and the first article on the page, especially the text you can read without scrolling down, is the MOST valuable space on any page. 

If you can get your message there, the battle is won. 

Not only on the web page itself, but on Googles results pages. If your site is listed in the top 4 or 5 of page ONE of Googles results ( serps ) for a query, then you stand a very good chance of being chosen and clicked on. If you’re searching Google on a mobile device , it is even more biased, as the screen is so small, probably only the top 3 results will appear before you need to scroll down. 

so – it is super important to RANK in the top 10 results, preferably in the top 3 or 4.


Graph of click  through rate verses  position in serps

The site that ranks at the number one spot gets the lions share of the clicks. 33% of total clicks  go to that number one site.  Just 16% to the number 2 and so on. If you rank on page 2, you may as well not bother.

How to Get in the number one spot

For a newcomer to get past all the top sites for a given search is difficult. Google (and other search engines) aim to give the most useful and relevant results to their users.  You have to earn your reputation. If CNN are in the top spot, Daily Mail in number 2 and other well known sites occupy the rest…. its going to be difficult.


The key is in the query

Trying to rank for ” weight loss ” isn’t going to work if your site has zero authority, is brand new, has very few relevant articles and no links pointing at it. 

So start a bit lower down with a “long tail ” keyword search like “losing weight for women” 

To be honest even that is almost impossible

How about ” losing weight for women over forty” 

Still Difficult, still lots of BIG sites in the top ten results


Taking it Further

If you would like my help to move to the next level and increase your on-line income. There are some limited spots available for mentoring.

To see if I can help lets schedule a call and discuss where you want to be in 12 months time. And how you want to achieve it.

To schedule a call please send me a good description of : 

  • What level of income already achieved
  • What IM model you are using
  • Any website you currently run

    How to Make Money Online in 2020 (the ultimate guide)

    How to Make Money Online in 2020

     Welcome to my blog.

    For a long time, I’ve been teaching/coaching individuals out in the real world how to make the most of the internet when it comes to business online. 

    Now, in this turbulent year with the Corona Virus, I  decided it was time to go fulltime online and help people startup new businesses.

    So, you are new, you have limited knowledge , resources especially cash, experience and time, how can you make the best start? What is the best, quickest and most profitable route to success in making money online?

    What I found with most of my enthusiastic clients that have tried to research it, was, not  a lack of knowledge, but an overload of knowledge. Too much information is available and as any marketer will tell you, give too many options , your prospect will be unable to make a choice and you will lose the sale. 

    You could start : 

    • an online shop
    • a blog 
    • a review site
    • a membership site
    • a business service helping existing businesses
    • a  marketing agency
    • teaching – write a course
    • an SEO agency
    • Affiliate marketing 
    • CPA marketing

    But which one to choose?

    All of these methods make money online and from anywhere in the world. No longer do you have to buy a property, buy goods, pay staff, advertise…. at enormous expense. You can even try out one of the above see if it works, if not tear it down and start something else. If you did that in the real bricks-and-mortar world, you would probably be bankrupt!  Online you can easily start another business overnight. 

    making it profitable though, is not so easy. 

    Build a website and instant riches! No that doesn’t exist, it never did. 

    If you go about it the right way, in not too many months from now, you’ll have some income building up. I’ll tell you how I managed to make a full time income from the internet and guide you though the pitfalls.

    What is Possible? How much  can you make with a Blog or  Online Service?

    Grant Sabatier is a dedicated blogger, blogging every day, his blog readership has exploded, his content can be found in Googles search engine for a LOT of blogging terms..
     Seriously, if you keep at it and keep building, your traffic and revenue will continue to grow. In my first year blogging, I made about $25,000. In year 2 I made about $150,000 and in my 3rd year, I made over $400,000. I’m on pace (crossing my fingers) to make over $1 million in year 4 from this blog. And I’m able to write all of the posts on my laptop wherever I am. No matter what, keep at it! While it takes time to build momentum, blogging = freedom.”

    read Grants article here .

    Your circumstances will obviously be different to mine, but by following my course I give you a very good chance of making it to the full-time income level and beyond. One of my favourite marketers, Tony Shepherd, writing about starting an online blogging business ,going part-time to full-time and how much to aim for,  said – you don’t have to wait until you’re  making 100,000 dollars/pounds a year, just enough to replace your JOB income -which is very true. Like most of us, when he started, he did it part time until it took off .

    Many people have unrealistic goals and no plan. If you can stick to the plan I am  setting out for you, put in the work and you will succeed. It’s a  lot easier to persist with a plan if you can see it working, so one of the most important things to incorporate into your plan is measurement.  At the very minimum, once your site, shop or agency is started you need to register it on Google Analytics, to see your visitors data and stats.  

    Graph of web visitors to your site

    Google Search Console is another FREE and very helpful service provided by Google,  once you are up and running, it will tell you which are your most popular pages for visitors,so you can concentrate your efforts in the right direction.

    Also, Google SC will tell you whether your site has any errors on its pages and how to eliminate them.

    Below is a basic description of each of the types of business in the list above. See which you think is your ‘cup of tea’, which of them appeals to you, which is a good start, you can then direct your research in that direction,  to see the major advantages and disadvantages, see if it’s a good ‘fit’ for your skills and lifestyle.

    After all, if writing is not your strongpoint, blogging wouldn’t be a good choice.  If you are starting on a shoestring budget, then paid ads are not a great choice as it can take a few campaigns to get going before you see a profit.

    Similarly to succeed on YouTube, are you ok appearing on camera? True you could just do voice overs or employ an actor or partner with an out-going guy who would do your YouTube videos, but its not ideal.

    An Online Shop

    Shopify and other Commerce Software based sites have become very popular. You can cash in on trending products or supply ever-green niche products. Although I can see many problems with clothing sites ( the trend towards higher numbers of returned goods ) many people have used the very popular Tspring and Redbubble type models to quickly build online stores with amazing sales.

    Teaching - Write a Course

    Teaching – Write a Course

    If you’re someone who can dash off 1000 word articles, then this is going to appeal  to you. If not articles, then videos  can also be used as a medium to teach.

    Once you’ve written/recorded your course, it can be available 24/7 either on your own site or on one (or more) Course Selling Sites . Which means it’s a completely hands off operation and you can go on to write another and another….. building your potential income.

    Blogs - So many ways to go!

    Blogging –  

    My favourite and the easiest (and most anonymous for those who like to be out of the limelight ) way to earn.  There must be an infinite number of possible niches or groups of niches available and a LOT of ways to monetise them. 

    Some ways to monitise don’t even involve selling. If you can create an interesting blog, one which attracts loads of visitors, then putting GoogleAdsense on your pages will net you quite a significant income. Most though use affiliate products to earn their rewards

    Another type of Blog - A review site

    Take a subject you know, find the best 10 selling items in that category and review them all in detail – good points and bad. 

    Review physical goods. 

    Review information products

    Send the visitor to a vendor to purchase and collect the commission.


    A Business Service

    I think we can all think of a local business that isn’t doing too well.

    All businesses need customers. 

    With our web-skills we can put together a special webpage offering the services that , that particular business is involved in. Run ads to it and send the leads to that business.. If the business wants to continue getting the leads each day – you can offer them a monthly deal. 

    A Marketing or SEO Agency

    The services offered by your business services enterprise – building website, running ads, social media posts, can be expanded until you’re running a full Marketing Agency many such Agencies deal with SEO search engine optimisation, which on its own will boost the number of visitors to a website very significantly.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Become a promoter, you have non of the hassle of customer services, returns, staff, wages, security…. just write article pages , run ads to them promoting the goods and collect the commissions. Find thousands of offers to promote on Offervault, Amazon, Clickbank….etc

    Once set up all these  promo pages run on automatic, you can multiply your income with multiple pages and sites

    CPA Marketing

    Very similar to Affiliate model marketing but with a lower barrier to success, since with CPA (cost per action) you only have to get a response, you don’t have to SELL anything. Usually all an advertiser wants is a lead, so  you could be collecting an email for example. Although the payout is tiny, there are thousands of CPA offers and it would typically take only an hour to study the offer and put up a promo page.

    Always Build Assets

    Whichever method you choose to make your online fortune, don’t fall into the mistake of building your assets on properties you don’t own. 

    What do I mean?

    If your  Marketing effort is on a blog. Host that blog on your own server for example Hostgator. DO NOT use Wix, Weebly, WordPress free site, Google sites or any other free site provider. You can be shut down, for any infringement, and lose everything, as you don’t OWN those sites

    Avoid Losing your Work

    For another example, Facebook is notorious for shutting down pages and groups and ad accounts for minor infringements of its rules. When this happens its extremely tough to reverse any bans it imposes. 

    Suppose you had just spent 4 or 5 months building up a Facebook ad account which was converting well. Such an asset is worth a lot and will have cost a lot to set up and fine-tune into a money making venture. Now FB comes along and shuts it down, you might have overlooked some new ad policy. Overnight your income drops to zero ! Extremely bad news.

    So always apply the old adage about eggs and baskets. Split your ads into Facebook and Google ads. OR Split the campaign into two or more ad accounts. Many marketers using FB actually have a test account that their ads will initially go into , like a sandbox. Then having been accepted, they can migrate into the main account  without the fear that it will be shut down. 

    Take Backups Frequently

    There is no excuse for not doing this , there are many backup and restore plugins, many are free, one of the biggest is UpDraft. Free to use, on multiple sites, automatically backs up your WordPress site database, your content and even plugins and other site materials. This is an absolute life-saver if your server goes down. Restoring is very simple. Without it, well as you can imagine, you’d have to rewrite all your website pages. Very Bad News and again for a successful site this could mean zero income until its done. 

    The Magic List

    By collecting your customers email address , you can build the most valuable asset possible in the online world….. An email list

    Many marketers offer this advice and its true, most of  the cost of doing business is in the initial acquisition of that customer. Once you have a regular reader or a satisfied customer that has bought from you, they are 5 to 10 times more likely to buy from you again, than a new prospect visiting your website. It costs zero for you to send out your latest product details, your new course or the latest gadget news. 

    A customer list is the nearest thing to a magic button for making money.  If you have say 5000 people on your list that know you or have bought from you, you can send out a “broadcast” email about your latest software or course  at $50 and could potentially sell to say 10% of your list. That’s an instant 500 X $50 = $25000 ! Magic.

    What do I recommend for beginners? So that you make the least possible mistakes and achieve total success the quickest way possible

    Online Courses and Mentors 

    List Building

    A responsive list is the best thing since sliced bread. Apart from a magic money button, which clearly doesn’t exist, you should build a list and start right NOW!

    Why? Well if you are promoting product XYZ then its just the same cost in time and cash to get a visitor and send them to an optin page as it is to send them to a product.  But, if they don’t buy first time, once you have the email you can try again and again and…..  Plus, once they DO buy you can put them on your main list and send them offers  every  week or so, mix it in with plenty of free stuff too so they don’t just switch off.

    A good friend of mine showed me what is the nearest thing to the magic money button ever, simply by writing one ( called a broadcast ) email , ie one that is not in your schedule or automation as some call it, say a brand new high value promotion of a really good SEO tool, out of a list of 1000 previous customers , he got 52 sales, which at $47 a pop was 47X52 $2444 !!! not a bad payday.

    How to build a List

    Signup for one of the online autoresponders

    I have a list of the ones I’ve had dealings with recently and my thoughts.  I’ve passed on  my results and recommendations , so you don’t have to do so much research. 

    Just get this done. Don’t think too much about it. You’ll be on your way to that magic money button in just a minute…


    MC has a free option to start, up to 2000 subscribers. However limited to 1 ‘audience’  , with the free version. With the different plans you can use segmentation, which is applicable with up to 5 criteria,  so you can divide your list into say ‘from optin form’ and ‘from shopping form’ OR ‘ left trolley unfinished’ and ‘sale completed’ .  I did find the navigation a bit difficult around the MC site. Easy integration of your forms, with MC several third party WordPress plugins were available to provide forms which are fully compatible.

    Some weird behaviour  appeared during my first 6 months with MC though, many signups seem to come from bots, In forums I found other marketers online with same problem – I don’t know if it was just my site that was targeted with the bots . Although I  didn’t find any solution, I did manage to build a list  quite quickly and sorted the obvious bot created emails out manually sorting them.   

    MC has a good & generous free plan, free until you reach 2000 subscribers. This is more than adequate to get some automations going and get those emails  flowing in. After 2000 and up to 50ooo its £10/month and up then to 100000 the price is: £15/month, which compared to many is ridiculously cheap. Highly recommended 

    GoodNews – Own Hosted Autoresponder – why doesn’t everyone opt to do this? Well unless you’re very careful , spam reports could cost you your site! So in most cases it pays to have a separate and professional company deal with your autoresponder. If you want to have a go, maybe just to start with then use Goodnews!


    – This is highly recommended and the one I now use. Their helpline and staff are second to none and have your best interests in mind with their advice. You will be prompted to load up your existing list when signing up, if you don’t have one, you can just sign up 20 or so emails manually

    Deliverability is Key with SIB, you’ll get an email from them, if they think your level of sending is going to cause your subscribers spam filters to become active.

    Site navigation could be better and I found the names of the sections within SIB – under Automation and transaction a bit confusing eg the term “template” were a little misleading or at least poorly explained. But once you get the hang of   the interface its straightforward and I now find it easy to navigate . As was the integration between the forms and the lists on the SIB site. You can build your forms with  independent form builders WP plugins apps or SIBs own plugins or do it on SIBs own site. Highly Recommended.       

    Active Campaign – Top site Loads of features

    GetResponse – As with Aweber, simple and straightforward

    Drip – recommended by Andre Chaperon, the main man when it comes to email automation, so you have to go see if it has what you need at least.

    Convert-Kit – This was built up by word-of-mouth by its founder Nathan Barry, in other words solely by recommendation. He actually listened to his customers and added the features they wanted! Highly recommended for advanced Marketers. Although they have a free plan for beginners, which is free up to 1000 people on your contacts  list, I don’t recommend it as the price rises steeply  after 1000.

    Aweber – Simple, straightforward, cheap though there is no free option to start with.

    **Links in this article may be affiliate links which earn the author a small commission when a purchase is made