Affiliate Marketing

The process of promoting Other Peoples Products or Services to earn a commission


Affiliate programs are run by a lot of manufacturers and online stores, such as household names like ASDA, Tesco and Sainsburys.

Ads that you see on Facebook, Twitter and almost all social sites may well be promoting affiliate products.

Affiliate products are not limited to physical goods like Chairs, Windscreen wipers or Computers , but include software and info-products like “How to lose Weight and Build a Six Pack”

Check out these Offer Networks

When you click on a link to go to a product page, look at the link address shown in the browser,

is not an affiliate link

is  an affiliate link

CPA Offers – How to Earn commissions without even selling anything

CPA (Cost Per Action)  Offers are special offers which you can promote in the same way as an Affiliate product , but the company advertising only requires a lead, not a sale. 

So the “barrier to entry” is very low, prospective customers only have to download an App or provide their Post Code or something similar, for you to profit from this type of offer.


although the action required is very small, filling in a form perhaps, the reward is often small too, but the number of clients going through your funnel will be very large. Affiliates make massive profits from the CPA networks. It is a good way to start in Affiliate marketing as the costs can be correspondingly low.