Learn Valuable New Skills

Always be learning valuable new skills. That was the advice I was given by my last high school teacher. I think that advice is more relevant now than at any time in the last century. Now, in 2021 you may be stuck at home out of work, or unable to work and worrying about paying the mortgage and living expenses.

trying to make ends meet?

I don’t think there is much doubt, there is a big recession coming. In 2020 the pandemic wiped out many well-established businesses, big and small and cost our governments billions in help and assistance.

Its going to be you and me that pay for  that help!

In such times its nice to have a plan B

Basically I advise that you do one of these (or both)…



Here are a few examples of successful projects

2.  Build a Blog and Earn Commissions

There are many easy ways to set up a website, even a complete Newbie could have one up in an hour!

Step 1 –  set up your own Website 

Step 2 – Decide what to sell and how to sell it.

These are some of the more popular methods of Selling Online

  1. Selling Actual Physical Goods
  2. Affiliate Marketing for Physical Goods
  3. Affiliate Marketing for Info Products
  4. CPA ( Cost Per Action ) Marketing
  5. Helping Local Businesses Get Customers

Each of the methods has its own pluses and minuses

I would recommend going with a Mentor or Mentor programme, to learn more about each method , find the one that appeals to you. Then find some training that will get you going in the right direction.

Although you can find a lot of info available online, much of it conflicts, with one “Guru” telling you to do it this way, another saying that the other way is more successful. And of course a lot of it will be outdated.

Go with a Mentor who has experience , is Up-To-Date has a good track record and runs a forum where ongoing help can be found at reasonable cost. My recommendation would be Joey Babineau’s Powerhouse Affiliate, but read this free book and make up your own mind

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