Internet Marketing 101

Why Online business is going to Dominate Commerce

In these uncertain times, even huge High Street chains and department stores are going under, when no job is safe, the cost of living is rising and the government is imposing  Welfare Cuts and public service cuts . It makes sense to think of a plan B

I now make a full time living working from home. My websites generate enough business to keep me fully occupied. Until recently I ran a shop, in a local town. Now I have a lot less worries. Imagine you had a new  business where…

  • There is no stock required
  • You don’t need to turn up 9 to 5 every day
  • No staff wages
  • No worries about goods being stolen
  • No customers complaints to deal with
  • No shop premises to keep up, insure, light, heat and protect
  • the  bookkeeping is simple and mainly automatic 
  • I can run my business from ANYWHERE , even when on holiday
  • I earn money 24 / 7 , 52 weeks a year. Even when I’m asleep!

Choose Your Method

Internet Marketing is HUGE, people make a living in so many different ways, here is a list of just a few of the most popular ones. 

Some are easier than others, all of them require WORK , there is no magic button or magic software that automates everything. Whatever method suits you, you will always be better off long-term than someone with a JOB, who is basically trading time for money.

The Internet is still growing very rapidly buyers are changing from town centre shopping to Online shopping. The trend is set to continue for  the foreseeable future, so how can you make money with IM today?

With IM, you do a whole lot of work to get it going but then it will pay you back over weeks, months or even for years, with just a few updates, new products or special offers, which might only take a few hours a month. Imagine , when you reach the point where you have over 1000 visitors a day on your site, a percentage will convert into sales and as the process is totally automatic, you may be on holiday or traveling the world, whilst enjoying the stable and constant income.

How do you learn how to do that?

Find a Mentor

The best way is to find someone who has already done it, to teach you. As with many things experience counts for a lot. If I was learning to build a boat, placing bets on Football or Horse racing, rewiring my house or anything else that required expertise, I would look for an experienced person to guide me. Using this guidance  I would avoid my boat sinking, losing all my money backing the wrong horse or electrocuting myself !  At the very least I would expect the advice given to save me months of learning the hard way.

Although its undoubtedly the best way, One to One tuition will be very expensive.

If you are motivated enough searching for information, yes you will find it,  it is all there on the net, just ask Google the right questions!  But even if you manage to find a good system, how do you know that it’s the best one for YOU?

With a mentor you’ll need to check that you can get tuition on your choice of project AND at a level that will advance your knowledge. I have more advice on mentoring here

Take a Marketing course or Join a Club

There are some awesome courses out there.

There are also those that have massive volume but little substance. Do you want to spend weeks learning some website basics that you could get from any hosting company site for free in minutes?

Time or Money

Finding the most effective system can be hard. Not everyone has money to invest in their business, so a system which allows you to build it up using your time might suit you better than getting into debt. If you have money available you can launch  quickly using Advertising, if not you will have to build slowly, creating good solid content that Search Engines like Google will  Rank high and then serve to your potential audience.

Always Build Assets

  1. No matter which method you choose, always build YOUR OWN assets.  For instance if you use a site like Facebook to host your content  or choose Wix or Weebly to build your site – Its on someone else’s web property, so it can be taken down in an instant, if you transgress, step over a boundary, even accidentally. You could lose your  entire income ,  so ALWAYS put your content on a site YOU host, your own website that no one else has control over. 
  2. Always build a list of your customers, it takes time and money to reach customers , if you have that list safe on your own server, you can go on reaching those customers FOR YEARS TO COME. Imagine you only have a following available through Facebook and then FB shuts your account down! 
  3. Create links from Social Media and to other Authority sites – Links are one of the main ways Google ranks sites, each link, is like a ‘vote’ for your site. Links from Authority sites are worth far more than blog comment links, but they all count

 You can go the PAID route with ads of course , but advertising will only ever get more expensive. 

The great thing about the Internet is – its still growing and people are rapidly changing from town centre shopping to Online shopping. The trend is going to continue for a long time, so get your slice of the billion dollar pie NOW! 

Short Term or Long Term

Always add Long Term Assets to your Website

If you promote Skate Boards or Fidget Spinners , don’t expect it to be still earning next year. If however you promote Cookers… everyone needs a cooker and always will, so that content will still be valuable in the future.

The phrase “content is king” is certainly true. Google will always rank the best articles highest and is getting very intelligent, assessing articles on your site . So writing the best quality and longest most comprehensive articles will give you the best return on your time and effort. Over time you write more and more articles, each one brings customers to your site to buy your offers.

On the other hand, if there is an opportunity to make a killing. No one expected the Corona Virus. Millions of People all  over the world, suddenly found themselves with lots of time. Google searches for Online Courses of ALL kinds – Computer Programming (Coding), Play Piano, Speak a foreign languages –  absolutely soared up. Affiliates ready to promote these have already made  a lot of money.

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